Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Saying Goodbye again to wonderful missionaries

Gracias por su servicio

Le amamos a cada uno de ustedes

 Hermanas Leonard, Aguilar, Whitehead, Pdte, Hna. Toone, Tameilau, Elderes Medina, Goodrich y Brimhall.  Hnas. Coronado, LeSueur, Dagua, Guillén, Olivas, Vasquez, Lopez y Hidalgo
Pdte. Whitehead, Hnas. Dagua, Toone, Guillén, Vasquez, López, Olivas, Aguilar, Tameilau, Coronado, LeSueur, Leonard, Elderes Brimhall, Goodrich y Medina

After a wonderful session at the temple Presidente Whitehead took us to eat at the temple cafeteria. 

Here are a few other photos that were taken at the temple. 

Elderes Goodrich, Medina y Brimhall
Always look up to the temple. 

We love this beautiful temple. 

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