Wednesday, January 20, 2016

World Wide Missionary Meeting

Before the World Wide Missionary Meeting on January 20, we attended the Camarones Zone Junta in the Camarones Stake Center with these wonderful missionaries. 

 Hermanas Benito, Schneider, LeSueur, Dagua, Perez, Gonzales, Vite y Melendez. Elderes Gonzalez, Heredia, Martinez, Rees, Ptde., Morales, Taylor, Alegre Soto y Robison

Elderes Gonzalez, Taylor, Rees, y Morales

Hermanas Dagua, LeSueur, Melendez, Perez, Benito  

 Elderes Heredia, Martinez y Alegre Soto
Hermanas Vite, Schneider, Gonzales y Elder Robison

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