Monday, November 2, 2015

Concilio de Liderazgo Noviembre

  Zone leaders and Sister Training Leaders are scrutinizing, maybe even ponderizing, the scriptures.
                                        The theme was "Being Preach My Gospel Missionaries".                                 President Whitehead invited Stake President Hernandez and his wife to the leadership meeting to discuss Chapter 13 -  How to work with stake and ward leaders. 

Hermanas Gallacher, Perez, Hardy, Salazar, Herlihy, Quiroga, Dagua y Malstrom.  Elders Dahlin, Farnsworth, Goodrich y Thomas.

Hermanas Herlihy, Quiroga, Dagua y Malstrom
Elders Dahlin, Farnsworth, Goodrich, Thomas, Reynoso, Mathews, Alegre Soto y Monarrez. 

Elders Mathews, Alegre Soto, Monarrez y Brimhall

Elders Thomas, Reynoso, Olvera, Mathews, Alegre Soto, Monarrez y Brimhall

Elders Bastian, Higbee, Arellano y Hirsch

Hermanas Álvarez, Escudero, Hernandez y Infante.  Elders Huber, Riaño, Mason y Barton, Whatcott, Hortin, Castillo, y Veazey, Higbee, Arellano y Hirsch. 

Elder Riano, Mason, Barton, Hortin, Castillo, Veazey y Hirsch. 

Elders Huber, Riaño, Whatcott, Hortin, Castillo, Veazey, Arellano y Hirsch.

Multi-talented Elder Lowe at the piano.  

I wish I would have taken a photo of the turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, gravy and pumpkin pie that we fed this great group.  We couldn't have done it without Elder and Hermana Tobler or Hermana Rice on the left.  They came to peel potatoes and help out like they always do.  We are so blessed to have them in the office of our mission.  Presidente Hernandez and his wife are on the right. 

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